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Creation Communities Inc, values each and every customer relationship regardless of whether you are purchasing a home today or inquiring for the future. We keep our customers happy. Our staff at CCI works very hard to fulfill this commitment.
 Active Communities

Aventerra Estates


Aventerra Estates is an exclusive community featuring 2 acre lots with views of the Rocky Mountains and set on the picturesque foothills in scenic North Springbank. For the fortunate few who call Aventerra Estates home, their choice represents much more than a new beginning - it is also the realization of a dream.

In Aventerra, you'll enjoy the rare opportunity to live in peacefulness and comfort, surrounded by family, neighbours, boundless nature and space to roam. Life will be simpler here, your well-deserved reward at the end of every day. This community will be a place of pride and joy for decades to come...a celebration of life lived the way you always envisioned it would be.

Available Now: 29 (2-Acre Lots)   

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Deer Valley


Deer Valley offers a wide variety of lots that suits the needs of individual home buyers

Deer Valley is fortified with community parks, a proposed school site, a natural fish bearing creek, 6 acres of water feature, environmental reserve, open spaces and pathway systems.

Available Now:
- Phase 3A & 3B: 82 Lots
- Phase 3C: 36 Lots
- Phase 4: 225 Lots
- Multi-Family: 300 Units 

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Bella Vista


Bella Vista, situated on 127 acres, is a neighborhood designed for growth. This Master-Planned Community offers family-friendly features, such as parks and green space; but Bella Vista’s value comes from its location. Being on the edge of Innisfail Bella Vista takes advantage of world-class urban amenities, such as schools, hospitals and shopping.

Bella Vista is designed to evoke the warmth and peacefulness of the Eastern Seaboard style, you and your family will enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful, unique and quaint community to call home. And with a wide choice of styles and floor plans, Bella Vista is the perfect place to grow your family.

Available Now: 44 Lots (Phase 1) 

Hawks Landing


Situated on 160 acres of prime residential land, Hawk Landing provides the ultimate experience of small town living at the city’s doorstep. Just a short commute to Calgary but without the congestion of big city living. A place where the pace is gentler and the main focus of life is around family and community. In short, the kind of community you want to raid your family in. This is Hawks Landing.

Available Now: 100 Lots (Phase 1)
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Located on 80 acres, Lakeside is a neighborhood unlike any other. This Master-Planned Community offers family-friendly features such as parks, playgrounds and hiking trails; but Lakeside really earns its true natural appeal with a beautiful large body of water where swimming, boating and other recreational activities may be enjoyed.

Convenience is an important aspect when finding your new home, Lakeside has you covered and is only 10 minutes away from all amenities located in Red Deer. 


Active Projects

Airdrie 8 Acres Industrial

Bearspaw 1.5 Acres Residential

Rocky View 10 Acres Residential

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For more info call: 403-462-3256

Airdrie 2 Acres Industrial

Additional Holdings

- Airdrie: 8 Acres (Highway Commercial)
- Bearspaw: 1.5 Acres (Residential Commercial)
- County of Rocky View: 10 Acres (Developed)
- Cold Lake: 120 Acres (Under Approvals)
- NE Calgary: Mixed-Use Development (Saddle Ridge Crossing) 

Past Projects
Location Description
NE Calgary 160 Acres
1000 Lots
NE Calgary 160 Acres
1200 Lots
NW Calgary 100 Acres
600 Lots
NW Calgary 160 Acres
2000 Lots
Airdrie 300 Acres
1500 Lots
Airdrie Rec Facility
2 M Sqft
Delacour 2000 Acres
British Columbia 2916 Acres
Location Description
NE Calgary 160 Acres
1100 Lots
NE Calgary 160 Acres
NW Calgary 50 Acres
NW Calgary 150 Acres
1.2 M Sqft Comm
0.9 M Sqft Office
3800 Sqft Multi
Airdrie 300 Acres
NE Calgary Rec Facility
5 M Sqft
Balzac 240 Acres

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